Mess Theory: how not to get a job and other insights.

Mess Theory has been inspired by my belief that creativity is dependent entirely on mess.  We need scrap, junk or any old rubbish to exert our creative muscles and this book is no exception. 

Mess Theory plays with the challenges of getting and securing gainful employment in the creative industries whilst providing an alternative insight into what that work can entail. ‘Creativity’ is one of those words which conjures up all kinds of shiny, warm and cosy feelings: but there is a darker side to that moon and Mess Theory pulls no punches in showing us what that is.

It’s in two parts: “How Not to Get a Job” and “A Day in the Life of the Creative”: whilst it is borne out of seriously lived experiences, we hope it offers you the opportunity smile, laugh or guffaw at those experiences, revisit your own experiences of employment and reflect on the job decisions you will have made during your own time.

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