The NOP Werkshop: what works for you?

MIndful of the adage of the esteemed script writer Albert Goldman that ‘no-one knows anything’, it is with a degree of trepidation that we offer up any thoughts at all on the tips and tricks about what makes a good writer, and a good comic writer to boot.

So whilst we’re not going to presume to know very much at all, every now and then we’re going to share what works for us in the hope that you’ll be equally engaged in sharing what works for you: so that everyone – us, you, the world, comedy – are the winners.

And ‘Werkshop’ as opposed to Workshop? Just a minor play on words which is simultaneously a homage to one of our most favourite bands ever, Kraftwerk, (whose humour in their music has always been overshadowed by tedious claims of humourless roboticism); and a quizzical shake of the concept of the ‘workshop’: once a place where iron was mongered, wood was carved and horses were hooved, is now a site for any shared activity whether this be physical, intellectual, emotional or just plain nonsensical.

We hope you enjoy the irregular postings from the NOP Werkshop, and look forward to hearing about what works for you.

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