The Business Allotment: tips for Business Start Ups, Lessons for Life

Starting a business is much like working an allotment. You have a seed of an idea; you nurture it in a little clay pot until it struggles into the daylight; you stress about providing it with enough manure in the form of funding so that you can eventually transplant it into the wicked, wider world of the adult vegetable patch with all its attendant predators, parasites and pitfalls.

With any luck your seed of an idea makes the journey from an innocuous looking seed into a strapping gladioli which flowers annually with the minimum attention from you, allowing you to tend to other seeds or sit back and bask in the glory of your potato crop.

There’s no guarantee these tips and tricks will work; but if at the very least you can see your business start up as your very own allotment – and not your own private back garden – there is every chance your business will make it through the winter and be around next summer for you to sit in and admire your burgeoning brassicas.

Of course, starting up your business is also very much like trying to steer your life, irrespective of whether you’re in business or not. So, this book aims to help you navigate your life as much as they are intended to help you tend your beautiful business idea.

5.0 out of 5 stars It is a must read for young entrepreneurial spirits

The Book “The Business Allotment” shows his vast experience with people, Business and Money. It is a very easy read with dry English humour and at times very poetic. The analogy with the allotment is the perfect one for the entrepreneur and the start-ups. It gives a clear guide to when, what and how to begin the journey of an entrepreneurship. I particularly enjoyed the chapter 6, “the role of the Artist entrepreneur” under the part of eight more tips and tricks for business start-ups. I see that it is very relevant today to “F” word, the Funding as Dr Nick Owen puts it teasingly in his one of the chapter. It is a must read for young entrepreneurial spirits who wants to see their seeds of the idea becoming a strong bushy plant. (Review by Yogi Bhatt, entrepreneur)

The Business Allotment: tips for Business Start Ups, Lessons for Life

Paperback book.


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