The NOP Mission: publish and enjoy the damnation.

Publishing and then selling your book is perhaps one of the most difficult enterprises to set up. There are lots of voices who will tell you that your work is not original enough, not commercial enough, or just plain not XXX enough: just fill in XXX to share what people have said about your work. There are always lots of people out there who will be only too willing to tell you not to give up the day job and forget your publishing aspirations.

So our mission – Publish and Enjoy the Damnation – aims to provide comedy writers with the platform to say ‘yay’ to the ‘nay’ sayers and have their work published in a way that doesn’t require them to win the lottery every week in order to support their passion.

It’s early days for the business so we don’t have the capacity to respond to unsolicited scripts so please don’t send us any. However, in the future we aim to grow the business to successfully profile comedy talent. Just keep in touch and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to do that.

Why comedy? One of the most enjoyable things about our first publication, Confessions of an Ageing Tennis Player has been hearing people laugh. So we thought this was a pretty good motivation for setting up a new business and provide us with a particular focus for the future.

We’re only too well aware though that comedy itself is a very contentious practice (one person’s comedy is another person’s insult) so we’ll exploring the challenges that comedy presents both on this website and on our social media channels.

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