THE NOP SHOP: what can you buy from Nick Owen Publishing?

Here’s a summary of what you can buy from Nick Owen Publishing.

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Confessions of an Ageing Tennis Player

Paperback book, 115 pages with 15 original illustrations. Remember when you were young and you emulated your sporting heroes in the streets or school playground and were going to win the 100m sprint? The World Cup? Wimbledon? Confessions of an Ageing Tennis Player is the must-go-to illustrated comic guidebook about our dreams and our disappointments, our failures and our triumphs.


The Business Allotment: tips for business start ups, lessons for life

Paperback, 87 pages with accompanying photos. Starting a business is much like working an allotment. You have a seed of an idea; you nurture it in a little clay pot until it struggles into the daylight; you stress about providing it with enough manure in the form of funding so that you can eventually transplant it into the wicked, wider world of the adult vegetable patch with all its attendant predators, parasites and pitfalls. This book aims to help you navigate your life as much as it is intended to help you tend your beautiful business idea.


There’s No Such Thing as an Englishman: poems from an Irritated England.

Paperback, 45 pages. This anthology marks the many sources of irritation faced by the average Englishman or woman these days – everything from the railways to referenda via what ever it is the young call music these days. Launched on 31 January 2020, the day when the UK left the European Union and when the phenomenon known as Brexit was supposed to finally evaporate, with all those years of frustration, anger, sheer disbelief and irritation all coming to rest. But as Chairman Mao once said about what he thought the effects of the French Revolution were, it may be too soon to tell.