Confessions of an Ageing Tennis Player

“I don’t like your attitude!” snaps “Serena Williams” as we square up over the club’s dubious grass courts. But I am “Andy Murray”, the greatest tennis GOAT ever, no really I am and you “Serena” are blocking me from my ultimate goal: chairman of our local club.

Remember when you were young and you emulated your sporting heroes in the streets or school playground and were going to win the 100m sprint? The World Cup?  Wimbledon? Confessions of an Ageing Tennis Player is the must-go-to illustrated comic guidebook about our dreams and our disappointments, our failures and our triumphs.

Many of our reviewers love the book and some have become more immersed in it than others:

Forget Sports Personality Of The Year because Confessions of an Ageing Tennis Player wins my Sports Hero of the Decade. In a world where fame sometimes sleazily schmoozes with ability, Nick Owens’ salvos slyly obliterate the pretensions afflicting grand spectacle. Written with cheery lunacy, the rollercoaster of crazy is a joy and a credit to serving both a fine read and a smashing volley, earning a final score of everything-to-love. (Rick Hoegberg, writer)

A pataphysical collection of absurdities (David Llewellyn, Director, Tennis Player, Genius)

I thought it was real for about being selected for Wimbledon, literally through to the day before the semi-finals… I was coming into work saying Nick got selected, I can’t wait to read the next chapter. I loved it!  total funny journey.  (Jo McBean, Creative Triangle)

Nick Owen your book’s awesome (Rez Kabir, Artistic Director at Tamarind Theatre Co Ltd and Executive Producer at Mukul And Ghetto Tigers)

A rollicking good read that had me laughing out loud. It had me entertaining the idea of joining our local tennis club, and I’m rubbish at tennis (The Shed)

This is a riotous, rolling, rollicking read in the picaresque tradition. Eat your hearts out Henry Fielding and Herman Melville. As the hero hurtles through his ruthless pursuit of fame and glory, you too will probably receive an upgrade as you are laughing so much in your plane or train seat. Witty ( and wise) this is a cracking read. First in a series. (Liz Fincham, author)

I am at the ageing tennis player and this book hits the nail on the head with an insight and humour that made me laugh out loud. Great observation, no holds barred honesty through the arena of tennis that explores between our imagination and the actuality. (Mike Stubbs, artist, curator, consultant)

Colleague and illustrator Paul Warren has always sketched and drawn and painted images.  In 2013, after renting studio space at Harrington Mill Studios in Long Eaton, he began drawing on an iPad and he has drawn on an iPad ever since.  A phrase he has coined is “the iPad is my sketch pad” and it fits very well. His drawing style is continually evolving and developing.  He draws people, the human figure and add a sprinkling of artistic license.  He doesn’t strictly create pictures; he’s interested in facial expression, stance, form, interaction between members of society, a moment in the workaday activities.

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